Server-less Architecture — Basics and Benefits

What is Serverless?

Why server-less?

  • Server-less Architecture helps you to build an experimental culture. For many business cases, it can get your prototype up and running within no time. The idea behind coding with server-less architecture can be considered as gluing different services together to get the desired outcome. This option of gluing gives you the agility and better speed to market. And in case you are struggling to find the DevOps resources, this architecture can bail you out too.
  • This architecture helps you in running huge volumes of activities — from running web requests to queuing, streaming, storage or transactions. Also, the ability to isolate each service and to scale independently becomes super easy. In addition, you can also schedule the usage of computer and run as you need without paying for the servers.
  • The vendor manages availability, uptime, scalability and so on.
  • With this pattern, you will get the option of writing less code. You as an architect will have to select and learn about the services available. You only have to opt for the level of abstraction and tools needed.

Serverless Services




API Proxy

Summing up




Serial Entrepreneur. CEO and Founder —

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Saad Arshed

Saad Arshed

Serial Entrepreneur. CEO and Founder —

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